Welcome to My Honeycomb Kitchen

So glad to have you here and hope you will enjoy my posts and content I will be sharing on this page.

By no means I am a full-time blogger or chef/baker/pastry chef, I simply enjoy spending my time experimenting with interesting recipes, try new cuisines and cook nutritious, healthy-ish, comforting and of course – tasty food. I will share my own recipes that are stable in my everyday life, but also share the results of attempting to try out some existing recipes from experts in the field.

Hope you will enjoy the content and come back time to time for ideas, to share your opinion (in case you tried some of the recipes) or give suggestions how and where to improve.

For more content and mouthwatering pictures, do not forget to follow my Instagram page @myhoneycomb_kitchen

Until next time,

Nora from My Honeycomb Kitchen

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